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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I've been using Moroccanoil hair treatment for three weeks now, and I can honestly say its made a hugely noticeable difference to the feel and texture of my hair, and most of all has repaired my slightly split ends, making me feel a million times better about the overall look and feel of my hair! 

To apply...
The treatment oil is so easy to use, simply wash hair as normal, towel/rough dry the hair and then use a pea sized amount of the product and apply to mid length to the very ends of hair- paying special attention to split ends. 
Moroccanoil is so incredibly nourishing and works well with other hair products without leaving any residue... it even seems to speed up drying time which is great for me at the moment as I'm trying to stay away from electrical heat on my hair. 

  • Proteins to encourage strength
  • Omega-3 Oils & Vitamins to promote shine 
  • Antioxidants for protection  
The great thing about this oil is you can not only use it on damp hair as a conditioning treatment for split ends, but you can also use it as a finishing and styling tool on dry hair to help tame it and create perfectly shiny styles. 

Moroccanoil is a magical oil in my opinion and has quickly become one of my top rated hair products! I recommend everyone who hasn't tried Moroccanoil to go out and invest in some, its a hair saviour. 

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