Luscious Boudoir Lashes- A revolution in eye beauty!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

On Saturday I experienced Boudoir Lashes for the first time and I'm well and truly addicted!!
I can't believe how amazingly natural they look, this has been my best beauty discovery of the year and I strongly recommend everyone gives them a go.

A set of Boudoir Lashes will make you look and feel more beautiful- enhancing what you already have is what its all about and Asma Docrat will help you achieve a beautiful more wide eyed look.
Summer is finally here! Hurrah!..Making it an ideal time to revamp your look and invest in your lashes. Eyelash extensions are the PERFECT summer time beauty treat making festivals, holidays, weddings and general hot summer days effortlessly glamorous, easier and more carefree.
I'm over the moon that I can put my mascara away for a few months now and just embrace my brand new luscious lashes without having to worry about my eye makeup! 

Asma, owner and founder of Boudoir Lashes carefully applied each lash individually, one by one. The treatment didn't hurt at all, it took roughly an hour and was a very relaxing experience. 

Asma asses each client and knows what will work perfectly and what will create the best end result, I loved how passionate she was about the treatment it really made me realise what a huge difference beautiful lashes make to your overall look.
I was completely put at ease at Boudior Lashes, it was a lovely experience and I'm absolutely over the moon with the end result- I can't stop looking at them!! 
Asma tells you exactly how to care for and maintain your new lashes, and as long as you follow her instructions (you are given an after care guide to take home) your lashes can last up to six weeks!
I absolutely adore my Boudoir Lashes and Asma (she's lovely!)- I'm so pleased with my lashes that I've already booked in my infills!! This truly is a revolution in eye beauty. 

My lovely readers will receive a 50% discount Mon- Fri at BECCA in South Kensington (terms and conditions apply), by quoting my blog so to book your Boudoir Lashes appointment or for any further information then go to- or call Asma directly on 0756655110 she will be more than happy to help! 


  1. I live over in the states and haven't been able to find a place near me that does this...I have GOT to keep looking!!

  2. They look beautiful Jessica! I really am considering getting these done before I go away!

    Beckie xxx

  3. These look beautiful Jess! Would love to try these! xx

  4. Yes Beckie you really should!! I've just come back from a weekend away camping and they were amazing! Made life so much easier! Highly recommend! Quote my blog and you will receive 50% discount xxx


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