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Sunday, 20 May 2012

If you haven't already heard about this brand new hair trend then get to know as SLEEP ROLLERS are the way forward!
After literally being bombarded on Twitter with millions of tweets raving about Sleep Rollers I just HAD to test them out, so I kindly requested to review them and I'm so glad I did as they are brilliant!
If I'm honest I was very doubtful that they would actually be comfortable enough to sleep with them, but was pleasantly surprised to find that they really do what they say on the tin!
So Simple...
Sleep Rollers are so easy! I just washed and blow dried my hair as I normally would, and then divided my hair into sections (The rollers do come with instructions for guidance) and popped them all in, I used all 20 rollers as my hair is quite thick, I then blasted them with my hairdryer, spritzed my whole head with L'Oreal Elnet supreme hold hairspray for extra oomph, had a nice cup of tea and then went to sleep!
As these rollers are made to sleep in they are made with extra comfy padded sponge so you can barely feel them in! Its great, you go to bed looking like a real stepford wife have a good nights sleep, wake up take them out and voila big bouncy hair! Effortless beauty and at only £16.50 they're a no brainer!
My favourite thing about these Sleep In Rollers aside from the fact they create bouncy volumized hair is that they come in a lovely bright pink travel bag to keep them all in, ideal for travelling!! I know I'll be taking these away with me when I go on holiday!

Top Tips
  • Make sure the rollers are in tight and secure, you can even use pins to make sure they don't fall out
  • Carefully use a hairdryer over the entire head, the heat will set the rollers
  • Spray the entire head with Elnett Hairspray for extra defined curls and bounce
  • Take extra care when removing the rollers from your hair and wind the curl around your finger to define the curl.
The only down side to these velcro sleep-in rollers is that if you have short hair it doesn't work as effectively, I tested this out on my friend Hannah and it didn't seem to work aswell as it did with my hair. Other than that if you have mid length to long hair they are FABULOUS!!!!

I tested my Sleep Rollers out on both myself my Mum and my friend as we all have completely different hair types, giving me a really good results to then report back to The Beauty Room with!
I also experimented with different time lengths to see the different effects it has on your hair and here are the results...

After 1 hour of having my Sleep Rollers in... I was really pleased with this result as my hair is naturally dead straight so the rollers really gave my hair some bounce and volume.

Heres the results of my Mums hair after a whole nights sleep...Incredibly big and bouncy!! She was absolutely over the moon with the results!

All in all you have to try SLEEP ROLLERS they are a great hair investment!


  1. ive seen a few reviews of these now... some r mixed though... i think i need to test them out for myself! ur mum's hair is lovely!



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