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Friday, 27 April 2012

Last night I went to the GQ style party event at Selfridges and if I'm honest I was quite disappointed, it was absoloutely heaving with people and the cocktail que was ridiculous! However I did walk away with something worth blogging about... Neuro Sun! 

This ellumionously coloured light bulb looking drink was quite off putting at first, until I tried it and actually took the time to read the back of the bottle and discover that this Neuro Sun vitamin drink provides 500% of our Reccomeneded Daily Allowance of Vitamin D! Helping to support healthy bones, Immunity and generally promotes a positive outlook, just like the effect the beautiful sunshine has on us! 

So girls the weather might be all doom and gloom at the moment but don't let that dappen your mood as Neuro Sun provides enough Vitamin D to get us through these tedious April showers!

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