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Saturday, 21 April 2012

My newest and most trend-setting discovery is my new beautifully unique Chanel No.5 perfume bottle necklace! I can't stop wearing it, and love how it creates such a sheek, stylish edge to plain outfits and becomes such a focal point.

I discovered Jaymie's stunning pieces after seeing the fabulous Lois Waller aka Bunni Punch- ( tweet about about her jewellery and as soon as I started scrolling through her hand made collection I completely fell in love... This girl has serious talent.

I love how Jaymie illustrates each piece herself, making no two pieces the same. I honestly haven't seen anything like Jaymie's jewellery before, and like how quirky yet classic the jewellery is especially using icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Grace Kelly to turn into amazing jewellery... its truly genius!

Once I'd made my order I was so excited for my package to arrive and opening it up was an experience in itself... Jaymie had put my Chanel necklace in a cute little pouch filled with fresh lavender! and had also popped in a little skull bracelet too! These lovely little touches really do make a huge difference and just makes you want to order more and more, especially as Jaymie's jewellery make the perfect little gifts.

I want the whole collection, Jaymie's jewellery is very addictive and I'm already debating which piece to invest in next!

Me sporting my lovely new necklace

I hope you all like The Beauty Room's fresh new look!! Thankyou all so much for following,


  1. Just checked out the website and you're right they are amazing pieces, I want one lol.
    Great post and I love the new layout


  2. I'm glad you like it Amy! I'm really pleased with it, definitely needed a makeover.
    Yes Jaymies jewellery is amazing! And so affordable. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. LOVE the new look! and the necklace is adorable!! x x x

  4. Love it Cuz, looks awesome! :) xxx

  5. Thankyouuu!!!! :) glad you like it! xxxx


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