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Monday, 9 April 2012

Ok its officially SPRING time now!!...Which means one thing for me, new makeup!! I've had a spring clean through my makeup bag and replaced my winter makeup products with light fresh summery shades and colours to promote my favourite time of year and give my makeup routine a spring clean.

I went a bit crazy in MAC last week and had a makeup 'consultation' where the very helpful makeup consulatant colour matched my skin to the perfect shade of foundation- NC25 in Studio Sculpt which I've been reccomeneded to buy by my lovely beauty blogger and friend Emma May Langridge - (check out her blog, it's fab) http://teacupsandmakeup.blogspot.co.uk/ 

I love how this foundation blends so easily into the skin with a noticeable moisturising texture to it, whereas other foundations I've tried feel dry on the skin and sometimes flakey in areas around the nose and chin. As I have a yellow pigment to my skin this shade is an absolute spot on match for me and is leaves me with a completely flawless complexion.

To finish off my face I was reccomeneded to invest in one of MACs Powders to give that air brushed effect to the skin. I really rate both the studio sculpt foundation along with the Select Sheer pressed Powder as they work so well together and create such a flawless fresh finish. This powder is also great to use as a touch up during the day, it really freshens up your face and makes you feel a million times better!

Ok my new favourite product at the moment is my pretty new MAC lipstick, I adore it for a few reasons mainly because it's called 'Innocence Beware' (how cool is the name?!)...No in all seriousness it's such an amazing S/S nudey pink shade, that apparently according to the makeup consultant works best with yellow pigmented skin, like mine. The creamy sheen effect is very flattering plus moisturising so all round it's a winner and an utter addiction of mine at the moment!

To finish off my spring time look I tested out new beauty brand 'Smooch' and swept a layer of pink blusher on my upper cheek bones to create a pinky 'English Rose' look. I also added a touch of my YSL creme blush for extra rose blush.

Happy Easter my beautiful bloggers and thank you again for following!! xxx


  1. Great post. Ive just started using the exact same foundation. I'd been using studio fix for years, I've blogged about my dry skin a few times, and happened to mention it to the consultant that I was wearing studio fix, she told me it was the worst foundation for my skin and that I should use sculpt instead. Xxx

  2. I definitely need to clean out my makeup bag for springtime as well! And I've always wanted to try MAC products. I must get to one of their stores! :)


  3. Another awesome post...I feel a trip to Mac coming on :-)

  4. Thanks so much fellow bloggers :)

    I Honestly rate my new mac makeup so much the foundation is great, perfect coverage and feels like velvet on your skin!

    Keep following xxxxx

  5. Love it Jess!

    I need to spring up my wardrobe too! More Pastels and pink cheeks for me! Woo

    See you soon,



  6. Great post :) I have studio sculpt (in NC15) It's one of the only foundations that acutally matches my light skin. Really want to try the select sheer pressed powder now! The blusher looks great on you too xx

  7. Oooh, I am also yellow-based in skintone yet quite pale, I'll have to give that foundation a try.... thanks for the recommendation! x

  8. Yes same with me, its the only foundation that matches my skin tone so perfectly and that actually lasts too! And Alice yes try it, Its amazing!

    Thanks for the comments girls :) Just writing another post now so keep following!!



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