The May Fair Spa

Sunday, 4 March 2012

For a special birthday treat for my amazing mum I took her to The May Fair Spa for a relaxing morning together, and we came out feeling so relaxed that we could have fallen asleep! It was amazing, and exactly what we both needed. 

I was searching for the perfect spa day in London and came across The May Fair spa on and saw that it was highly rated so thought it would be the ideal city spa retreat for us! I planned for us to go to the spa in the morning, followed by an italian lunch and an afternoon of shopping and coffee, it was the perfect mother-daughter day together! 

The spa itself is rather sleek with a hint of oriental style, that instantly makes you feel relaxed. Our favourite part of our spa experience was the relaxation room which had soft music playing, candle lit and came complete with heated beds, herbal teas and dried fruit.  The spa always had turkish baths, Jacuzzi, ice room, sauna both dry and wet plus triple storm shower rooms. 

As you can see in the photos there was an endless supply of herbal teas and water, which was perfect for us as we just laid back and chatted for ages! 

The only negative I would say about The May Fair is the fact that it is fairly small in size so any more than two couples of people would feel slightly over crowded, so I would suggest visiting in the morning of a week day for a guaranteed quiet spa experience! 

All in all, we had a lovely relaxed experience at The May Fair and definitely recommend a visit to anyone who needs some time out to unwind! 


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  2. Oh, that seems so lovely. Hope I could go there sometime.

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