Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last Monday I was asked to be a makeup model for makeup artist Diana, she studied her makeup course at the London Makeup Academy (LMA) and I was her model for her final piece! Here's the idea she had before the makeup began...  Very summery, pastel colour eyeshadow with an almost bird like feel, with real blossom petals stuck around the eyes. 

I walked into a room full of movie star mirrors as I call them and makeup artists and models were all busy working away so intently against the clock to make sure they secured their final makeup artist certificate... it was all very manic and I'd never experienced anything quite like it to be honest.

 To me makeup is my favourite hobby, my love and what interests me enough to dedicate a whole blog to it. But to these girls they literally live and breathe everything makeup... no exaggeration. The extent of true undeniable passion and excitement Diana expressed whilst doing my makeup was phenomanble, and very admirable.  

After four hours of back combing hair, carefully sticking on blossom petals and covering my eyes with layers of contrasting pastel shadows, heres the finished look- 

 If anyone needs a Makeup artist I seriously recommend Diana Vaivode, after having first hand experience! Please email her on- she would be more than happy to hear from you!! 




  1. Hey Love!
    Amazing make up, i love it!


  2. Your make up is gorgeous. It looks so nice :)

  3. I will follow your blog...



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