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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've just got home from a lovely relaxing weekend at my friends farm and aswell as feeling refreshed and recharged I've returned back to London looking as if i've just got back from a two week holiday in the Caribbean!! All thanks to my lovely Josie treating me to a Fake Bake spray tan, and I couldn't have needed it more! I was looking rather pasty and really fancied a nice tan to make me feel and look more glowing and glamorous especially with the eventful week I have ahead. 

Fake bake is my first choice in tanning products, as it creates a deep but very natural and even tan that really lasts when maintained well enough.
I was lucky enough to live with my Fake Bake trained friend Josie whilst at Uni, so quite regularly we got the fake bake pop up tent out and had amazing spray tanning sessions and some times even fake bake parties when it was all of us girls being tanned in the house! Music, tan, friends... What more could you possibly want?! 
Fake Bake is not only paraben free and made with organic ingredients, it's light and has an ultra quick drying solution so unlike many other tanning products I've used, you don't have to stand around without any clothes on for hours in order to make sure it's dry enough! And if you do happen to get tan on your clothes or pjs during the night whilst you sleep, it washes out no problem! 

(Below shows an example of the guide colour, pre-wash off) 

If anyone is interested in having a fabulous Fake Bake spray tan with my friend Josie Applegate and lives either in London or East Sussex then please email me at- jessicapsaila@yahoo.co.uk for further information and bookings :) Group bookings are available too. 

Thankyou :) 




  1. is that your arm/leg? I always expect fake tans to look orange x

  2. Its arms! To compare, and show it isn't orange. It doesn't have orange pigment xx

  3. Love Fake Bake, I always get on better with Sienna X though if you fancied trying another gooden :)

    Emma xxxx
    Teacups & Make Up

  4. looks good! i swear by st moriz for a really cheap alternative! great blog, new follower :) xx

  5. Wow, that looks fantastic!

    I love your blog so much, have a nice day !
    Hugs Gittemary.blogspot.com

  6. Hi!
    I am quite impressed with the product but I just wanted to know one thing that Is this tan water proof?
    Answer to this question is really important to me because once I used a fake tan product which washed off in a party due to rain and left me embarrassed in front of the whole gathering. I don't want to let it happen again.
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