Cosmopolitan #237

Saturday, 17 March 2012

This beautifully moisturising, rose scented lipstick is my new obsession and top beauty find for spring/summer 2012. 

Cosmopolitan #237- The vibrant coral shade is the perfect balance of creaminess along with a glossy shine. It's probably THE most moisturising lipstick I've ever used which is perfect at the moment as my lips still seem to be slightly chapped from when I went to Paris in January! 
Dolce and Gabanna classic cream lipsticks tend to be ultra long wearing, and last on average about 5 hours (this includes drinking) which I think is great.
Cosmopolitan is very flattering on warmer skin tones, especially those with yellow undertones like mine. 

Although this shade is meant for warmer weathers I feel it's so fabulous that it would be a shame to limit it to only a few months of the year! I wore it with minimal eye makeup, a slight sweeping of my chanel tweed bronzing highlighter, my hair up in a ballerina bun, with a leather jacket and lots if rings. You can easily achieve a rock chick look with this shade, but is also very much an elegantly pretty shade....versatile. 

Also my favourite thing about D&G lipsticks is that they smell very strongly of a combination of roses and purple violets sweets!! Honestly, try it and you will see! 

Me wearing cosmopolitan #237


  1. Lovely color and you look sweet !!

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  2. i love your hair so much! is that your natural texture? it's beautiful xx
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  3. This looks lovely! And how strange about it's scent...sounds gorgeous! xxx

  4. Such a beautiful bright colour!
    Looks great on you and is perfect for spring,

    Lacey xoxo


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