'Why French Women don't get wrinkles'

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

On my way to Paris I was flicking through the beauty pages of Red magazine and stumbled across this very fitting article-

It seems after reading this fascinating article that French women are very big on self-restraint in most aspects of their lives, and even more so when it comes to skincare.
The french steer clear from the constant new skin care fads that we as women are bombarded with on a daily basis...and tend to stick to what they know and trust, while we as Brits are always in search of the next best thing and end up wasting alot of money and time on! 

Generally speaking French women find something that works and remain loyal rather than constantly chopping and changing from one brand to the next all in the hope to prevent wrinkles later in life... it works for them so why don't we all give it a go? Even beauty brand Darphin says 75% of its French customers are repeat buyers, which says it all.

So lets embrace the French approach to skincare and try and stick to a brand and skincare regime that works for us...hopefully the results will prove that loyalty and consistrncy works wonders. 


  1. good advice. it's not good for the skin to use too many different products anyways xx

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  2. Thankyou :) Yes exactly, I totally agree


  3. Thank you it's interesting !! Xoxo

  4. Nice blog! I follow you! If you like my blog, follow you me also? X

  5. Thankyou, yes I will now follow you :)


  6. Ive always remained on the same product because im too scared to try another one! :P Hopefully this strategy works in the long run, thanks for sharing (:


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