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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Orange Square Company have launched a very very special new perfume called 'Romantina' from the 'Juliette Has A Gun' collection, and kindly sent me a bottle! They are appearing in the LFW edition of ES magazine to be published on the 17th Feb which I'm currently working on at the moment...very exciting edition so look out for it! It will be given out at all of the London fashion shows!

This beautiful fragrance created by Romano Ricci, grandson of Nina Ricci, is more than just a perfume it has a romantic tale behind it, it tells the story of a woman who falls in love in Rome (idyllic I know!) She decides to leave as soon as she realizes the depth of her love in order to keep it forever untouched by time and convention. Romantina is the perfect scent to a beautiful love story.

Romantina is described as 'a bouquet of fresh white flowers, a scent for a young stylish woman, confident of her own beauty and allure. Light hearted but passionate, it is simultaneously adventurous and timeless'  

Juliette Has A Gun comprises of a collection of five original scents all in the shape of a bullet! The Gun is intended to be a metaphor for seduction, symbolising the liberation of women towards men...very empowering for women which I LOVE.

This fragrance is exclusive to Harrods and from 12th- 25th of Feb there will be a chance to receive a free sample of Romantina if you bring along the feature page inside ES magazine so watch out for it!


  1. Ohh gotta give this a try! Nice blog xx

  2. yes you have to, honestly it smells AMAZING and lasts for hours! Has a very distinctive scent!

    Keep following! And Happy Valentines day!

    JRP x x

  3. I will have to try these :) Actually love the name of them!! lol :)


  4. This all looks great!

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  7. I love the name of this!

    I'm now following xx

  8. i have them xD
    my boyfriend bought this for me, and i love it
    love your blog <3
    mind to follow each other? ^^


  9. hi! i like your blog! it is very nice! lets follow each other? i'll be very happy) thank u)

  10. Sounds amazing! Great post :)


  11. Thankyou!! And yes of course we'll follow eachother!! :) check out my new LFW post



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