In love with Love Chloe

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I started off 2011 with a new fragrance as I do every year, new year new fragrance... All in the hope for a fresh year filled with happiness and success, and as a result of picking Love Chloe (amongst other things) I had the best year I could have asked for so have now adopted Love Chloe as my signature fragrance as I'm absolutely in love with its addictive smell. 

Love Chloe is an extremely feminine yet sophisticated scent and I would describe it as being powdery and soft yet intensely's a floral composition of orange blossom, pink pepper, iris, lilac, wisteria, hyacinth, heliotrope, powdery musk, talk and rice. There's something very nostalgic about this perfume but inspiring and uplifting at the same time... I recommend everyone to try it out or at least go to a perfume shop and smell it as its truly addictive and smells amazing!! . 

This was an airport treat on the way to St Petersburg, and I made sure coated myself in both the moisturiser and perfume on New Years Eve to hopefully bring me another amazing year! 

Tip- using the scented body lotion before spraying the perfume works wonders as its lasts all day/ night long.


  1. lovely post!

  2. Have a beautiful time in 2012! All the best!

    I'm I the only one who didn't tried that Love Cloe fragrance?
    I desperately want to try this. :(

  3. Thankyou very much girls :)
    Yess you must try it its gorgeous!! Happy New Year xxxxx

  4. The package is gorgeous!

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