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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Clarins award winning and legendary beauty flash balm is an instant 'pick me up' wisdom cream. Applying just a small amount of this lovely smelling balm to your face before makeup will instantly tighten, refresh and leave a lasting glow to your complexion, whilst most importantly making you feel fabulously radiant! (no exaggeration).
I tend you to use this only once a week only as its fairly expensive for the size of the tube and isn't to be used as a daily moisturiser, but a special balm to use to give yourself an extra special feel when necessary. (and let's face it who doesn't need this once in a while!)

Perfect for...

- I always without fail use this before applying my makeup for a night out as it makes me feel that bit better and really holds my makeup all night long, whilst revealing a subtle glow. 

- Ideal for hungover, sleep deprived skin!! Or if I'm feeling slightly low, or having a bad morning I use this to wake myself up and give my skin a little bit of life and sparkle.

I'm surprised at how much it actually works as there are products similar to this on the market, that promise to do the same thing but after using Clarins beauty flash balm I wouldn't even bother with anything else. As it says on the advert I found in ES magazine photographed above, it's a girls best friend and in my opinion an essential for a glowing 2012.

Voted best beauty product of the year in Elle, ES, and Vogue amongst others. 
Clarins beauty balm, 50 ml- £27.50


  1. i am really thinking about buying this :)

  2. Sounds great:) never heard of this before...


  3. Yes you should, its a lovely product and the tube lasts ages as you only need to apply a pea sized amount :)

    Keep following!! Thankyouu, Love JRP xxx


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