A Timeless Classic.

Friday, 2 December 2011

This beautiful Chanel card insert was discovered by my manager this morning whilst going through Tatler magazine, and I just had to blog about it! Chanel No5 is such a classic perfume it needed a special mention, especially as its such a good idea for a wonderful Christmas gift.

It's even had a mention inside The Independent Newspapers Christmas gift guide supplement that I helped work on. It seems the press just can't get enough of this timeless scent. 

Chanel No.5 has been one of the worlds best selling fragrances since the 1920's and to this day continues to be a favourable choice. Being the Chanel obsessed girl I am this post maybe slightly biased but saying that, there really is no denying how amazing it is to receive a Chanel gift, especially a fragrance. 

In 1954, when a journalist asked Marilyn Monroe what she wore in bed, her answer was simple- 'Just a few drops of No 5'. 


  1. i've never owned a Chanel perfume since they are so expensive, but i love how No.5 smells, very sophisticated, and elegant! check out my blog if you'd like xx


  2. Yes No.5 smells amazing!I will definitely check out your blog :) xxx


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