'Emperor's Dream'

Monday, 5 December 2011

This Relaxing herbal tea is my new obsession, it not only tastes delicious being infused with mint, fennel seed and purifying meadow seed, it truly does help to unwind and relax (just as it promises on the box!).
The best thing about this tea and the reason I decided to blog about it is the fact it's named 'Emperor's Dream' Surely that's a good enough reason to buy it!? If not for yourself then for a thoughtful gift or stocking filler, especially as the packaging is sooo pretty! Check this out...

 (open this to find the individually crafted silk pyramid tea bags inside)

Rituals Emperor's Dream hebal tea- £11.90


  1. Yes honestly it tastes delicious! And so worth it for the pretty packaging! x x x

  2. Wow and it's from rituals. I didn't know they have tea too. I have some body scrub from them, it's perfect but too expensive.
    Till next time! xo

  3. Neither did I until my bf's mum bought it for me the other day! Love rituals! Yeah it can be expensive, nice as a treat!



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