The wave making machine.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

In preparation for my lovely weekend away to Bath I rekindled my love for my wave maker aka- Andrew Bartons, making waves heated styler.
I used the wave maker constantly throughout the summer months as wavy- low maintenance hair suited the time of year perfectly as it creates a slightly groomed beach hair look!

However, I actually think that this wavy hair style suits all seasons...I believe BIG hair is a must have ALL year round!

For best results- Simply turn to max heat, and wave the hair in small sections and then spray with Elnet hairspray to hold.. The good thing is the waves will last a good couple days and will still look great, (the photo shows the hair the day after I styled it). 

Argos- £29.99


  1. wow this makes hair gorgeous !! going to put it on my christmas list <3<3

  2. Yeah they are amazing! and so easy to use!! xx

  3. Love the way this makes your hair looks!!1
    LOve your blog Now following!

  4. Awww thankyou so much :) glad you like the blog! I'm now following you too!! xxxx

  5. Love this! I have a curling wand but this seems to produce nicer curles with less effort. Bring on payday! One again, love the blog :) x

  6. I try to get my hair like this most days- I end up plaiting my hair and then straightening the plaits, which works but takes so long! This sounds like it would be so much quicker, your hair looks lovely :) xxx

  7. love your hair!! *_*


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