Friday, 18 November 2011

Sally Hansen is an absolute genius and I literally do not know what I'd do without this little bottle in my life (no exaggeration).
I've been using this nail hardener since, well... Forever! Basically from the day I learnt to paint and file my own nails I've been hooked on this stuff, as it honestly does make your nails hard and strong and is a perfect base and top coat! The Nylon enriched formula with added silk proteins help to strengthen and protect nails from chipping, splitting and breaking...It's a three in one varnish and is definitely one of my 'couldn't live without' products!

Tip:  Shake before use and apply a coat on the bare nail, followed by two coats of colour and then a final top coat of this miracle worker!

Sally Hansen, Hard as Nail with Nylon- £4.75 (Boots)

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  1. After reading this I couldn't resist going out and buying a bottle. 2 weeks in and my nails have shown massive improvements! Even in such a short space of time my nails are thicker and more durable, dispite my 3 yrs of abuse from getting arcrylics done lol. Thank so much for writting fab blog! Keep the posts coming :) x


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