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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Chanel's Shimmering Tweed Highlighter is a real luxury product, and one I am now addicted to! I've used it everyday since I got it last week and just know it will be my ultimate 'lift me up' beauty treat for winter 2011.
It gives your complexion a warm pretty sheen without covering your face with glitter, it's the perfect amount of shimmer to be able to wear in the day aswell as night time... (apply a little more for the evening).
One of my favourite things about this product is of course the amazing tweed embossed powder, it really does resemble the fabric of a Chanel tweed jacket.

This would make a perfect Christmas present for any beauty lover, it even comes with a nice thick Chanel blusher brush to apply the highlighter with... What more could you possibly want?!

And as Nicola Moulton (beauty editor of vogue magazine) says, 'that's the best thing about a beauty present: it isn't just here today, like a handbag or pair of earrings. It invites you into the future, when things could be softer, smoother, prettier or more youthful' It's Merry Christmas, but it's also Happy New year.'

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