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Saturday, 29 October 2011

CLARINS Hand and nail treatment cream is an absolute MUST this winter!
If I could pick one product to get me through the cold cold weather it would most certainly be this beautiful hand cream... it will be the best £14 you will spend.

If there's one thing my mother has always told me, it's to always take good care of your hands because if you don't they will really show your age as you get older!! This has stuck with me and I use hand cream everyday!

Apply once a day to prevent your hands from becoming horrendously dry and feeling like sand paper, highly unattractive! ..(apply twice a day on severely ice cold days to give you that extra needed protection).
Another tip is to rub a small amount of this luxurious cream into your bare nails and cuticles before you paint them as it will leave them lovely and soft.

Leather gloves are another winter MUST to protect your precious hands! So my mum kindly treated me to these gorgeous leather gloves from Zara, I couldn't resist the gold detail on them!

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