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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Last Wednesday as I walked home from work down High Street Kensington in the pouring rain (usual summers afternoon in London) I ran into Boots for an excuse for shelter, and was very pleasantly surprised to see a Vogue page I worked on displayed on the Lancome beauty counter. Reason being, the page includes one of Lancomes best selling foundations 'Teint Miracle' and in addition to this a full page advertisement of this particular product right next to the beauty page.
The story behind this.... Almost a year ago I interned at Vogue for a month on the beauty team and worked mainly on the December 2010 Christmas special star edition which focused on star beauty products. 
The beauty pages of this issue were all about Star performing products as voted by the Vogue staff... This meant I had to ask the vogue girls which products really stood out to them given the specific award categories... As you will see on the page in the photo the award categories consisted of; 'The Unsung Heroes award for non glamorous daily essentials', 'The Worth Every Penny award for indulgent products' and most importantly for the purpose of this post 'The So Pleased You Invented It award' this is where Lancome comes in with its light reflecting foundation 'Teint Miracle'.

But is it the miracle it promises to be?!
I know this is slightly contradictory to the Vogue star beauty awards, but I wouldn't personally say this is a miracle foundation, as you may already know from reading previous posts, my ultimate all time favourite foundation is Estee Lauders 'Double Wear' and in my eyes nothing can compare!
However, I would have to say it is a good contender, as it is a very flattering and illuminating foundation in terms of overall finished look and is a particularly good for the summer months as its quite thin in consistency and works well with a sun kissed skin tone. Unfortunately   its far from a joy to apply, and quite frankly when you have limited time to get your face on its not ideal. It takes a while to blend in evenly and I find it doesn't offer very good coverage especially when you want to achieve a slightly more dramatic look for the evening. Lastly, I highly recommend having a colour match at the Lancome beauty counter because choosing the wrong colour can be an absolute disaster especially with light reflecting foundations like this one, as I had to try several different different shades to find the perfect match. I give this foundation a 7/10 as it is good and probably great for certain skin types and especially good for girls that have time to apply it but for the rest of us that want need a quick foundation fix that looks flawlessly wonderful I wouldn't recommend this one. 

Lancome Teint Miracle- £25.55 

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