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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bed Head Ego Boost was a bit of an experiment for me as I have tried many leave in conditioners and have been far from satisified, in fact I was nearly on the verge of giving up! The most common problem I've found with them in the past is they have often made my hair look and feel greasy, and if I'm honest haven't made a blind bit of difference to my ends and general condition to my hair so therefore completely pointless. After being reccomended this one by my hairdresser I decided to give it a go as she always seems to know best....

The Verdict
After giving this product the two month test (I think it takes this amount of time to really notice a difference), I have to say Bed Head Ego Boost wins hands down and I highly recommend it.

Firstly, it smells AMAZING and is very easy to apply, I use it to both seal the ends of my hair and as a leave in conditioner.
When using as a leave in conditioner I apply to dry hair and only use a very small pea sized amount and DO NOT apply to roots (as this WILL result in greasy, wet looking hair). This controls fly away hairs and leaves it looking healthy and shiny.
When using to improve split ends, I wash my hair using Bed Head urban Antidotes Resurrection shampoo and conditioner (watch out for review on this product to come soon) and towel dry my hair, before combing it through and applying one pumps worth of product to the mid lengh/ends of my damp hair and then style accordingly.  

All in all this is a great multi-purpose product and one I will buy time and time again.

Cheapest website to buy from is amazon at £7:45! (RRP- £12.50) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tigi-Bed-Head-Boost-200ml/dp/B00140TXWQ

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