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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

If I could pick my five top beauty products that I couldn't live without, Garnier Anti- dark circle roll on pen would without a shadow of a doubt (see the pun) be one of them. I use it every morning to give my eyes an instant wake up call, it contains caffine so really does refresh tired eyes and hide dark circles and puffiness underneath the eye, without the coffee over dose...perfect for hangovers!! It's saved me many times.
To apply, simply roll underneath the eyes and then gently pat with your index finger to blend into the skin...this not only refreshes your eyes and brightens your face, the added concealer hides dark shadows caused by late nights and tiredness.I like the fact this product doesn't dry your skin or flake away like other eye concealers do and settles nicely into the skin and can be used either under or over the top of your foundation.
 My favourite thing about Garnier's Anti- dark circle roll on pen is the cooling effect it instantly has when applied, it literally leaves you feeling and looking more awake in a matter of seconds.


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