Bumble and Bumble For Perfect Beach Hair!

Monday, 1 August 2011

I have always adored the wavy beach babe look, and have strived to achieve this natural style many many times....and failed. Until Bumble and Bumble came into my life and gave me ‘surf spray’ which is a complete breakthrough in creating a perfectly natural yet beautiful effect to your hair.
 Within minutes of spraying this seaweed and kelp enriched formula and scrunching accordingly, it literally transforms straight limp hair into the ultimate textured hair style which you normally only seem to get from the salty sea water found in exotic destinations. This is not ideal when you want the beach babe look without the price tag and inconvenience of going abroad.
For best results I have found that applying to towel dried hair works amazingly well, as the product works on the hair whilst it naturally dries and leaves the hair looking effortlessly gorgeous.  
This was my absolute saviour whilst on holiday in Malta last week as it requires minimal effort leaving maximum results to the hair in a matter of minutes.... the great thing about this spray is that you don’t have to use the damaging heat of a hairdryer and still have hair that looks great is perfect as I’m trying not to use heat at all at the moment in a bid to promote hair growth!

 Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray is a must have for anyone wanting to achieve that effortless summer beach hair look. After doing my research, and then using this product myself  for over 2 months I can happily give this surf spray a massive 10/10, (don't be put off by the price tag of £18.37 as I have found a great discounted hair care website and purchased it for £13.78, see link below)
In summary, I really don’t think theres a better product out there to not only extend the summery,festival vibe into the autumn months....


  1. i've always been tempted by bumble and bumble but the price tag has always turned me off :( x

  2. I love bumble and bumble product , this stuff rock .. great post , im ur new follower, i hope u join my beauty page britters89.blogspot.com


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